11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Viola Players

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As a violist it has always been frustrating trying to find gifts to give other viola players, or just fun things to get myself with an alto clef on it. Most musical gift items have either the treble or bass clef, but rarely the alto clef! That’s why the Alto Clef Gifts shop was created...to make viola players feel loved and seen.

If you are looking for a gift for the viola player in your life, you have come to the right place. Many of the item in this gift guide can be found right here at Alto Clef Gifts, but a few are from other shops that also love and respect us violists. These are not affiliate links - just products that I think you should see!

From stocking stuffers for violists to gifts for young viola players, as well as gifts for music teachers and professional violists, you will surely find something unique and special to show your favorite viola player that you care this holiday season.

Enjoy shopping! 

-Lisa (owner/designer at Alto Clef Gifts)


1) Alto Clef Wall Art for Violists

These classy art prints are designed by a composer from LA and are a great addition to any music room or viola studio. In addition to the clef prints, you will find educational tools such as the notes of the staff, the circle of 5ths, and many other great choices for music classrooms in the Gliss Prints shop. 


2) Satin Bag for Viola
These Spanish handmade viola bags protect your instrument in style with high quality fabric and craftsmanship. You will also find handkerchiefs and other beautiful fabric options. She ships worldwide, so order soon to get yours in time for Christmas. The bags are made-to-order and take up to 8 days before they ship.

3) Magic Rosin - Groovy Alto Clef
If you need a stocking stuffer for a violist or you just need new rosin, get rosin with an alto clef on it! Magic Rosin is a great choice for students as well as players of all ages and levels.


4) Alto Clef Earrings

Perfect for wearing during a concert or just as a daily accessory, these laser cut wood earrings are lightweight and dainty so they shouldn’t interfere with your viola while you're playing. Or choose the metal alto clef charm earrings to brighten up your day.



5) Sheet Music Coffee Mug 

Drink your morning coffee or tea while enjoying the Dvorak American String Quartet Viola Part on your mug, or choose from a wide selection of viola music (or choose your own)! 


6) Alto Clef Socks 

Black socks with purple, white, and gray alto clefs on them! One size fits most and make a great gift for any viola player in your life.


7) Alto Clef Cufflinks 

A perfect gift for those viola players that frequently wear tuxedos while making music. Perhaps an orchestral violist or a music teacher would enjoy wearing these subtle but classy alto clef cufflinks.


8) Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Show your love of the viola with this Ugly Christmas style sweatshirt with an alto clef tree! This is the ultimate combination of comfort and viola pride.

Viola Ugly Christmas Sweater


9) Alto Clef Tote Bag

Available in 3 sizes and many color options, these sturdy tote bags are perfect for carrying your orchestra music folder, your laptop, or just about anything you bring with you to rehearsal.


10) Face Mask - Alto Clef design 

Stay well and fashionable during this season of Covid with a fabric mask made from alto clef fabric.


11) Viola Scrolls Puzzle - photography by Holly_Viola (Holly Gutierrez)

Take a break from practicing and relax with this art piece as a puzzle. Frame it when you’re done and hang it in your music room. And yes, that is viola sheet music underneath the scrolls.



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