Viola Mute - Viowiess Square Prizma Mute with Alto Clef

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3D printed prizma mutes are created by Wiessmeyer & Son and are available in the Alto Clef Gifts shop with a subtle alto clef just inside the outer 3D printed layer.

Each mute is unique and contains a rainbow of colors. Select your color preference based on the outer layer that is visible to you when the mute is on your bridge. (See the first photo with the mute on a viola - you would select red for a mute similar to this.)

Slide mutes are a popular choice because they are convenient, fast, and simple to operate, trading speed and reliability for muting power. The prizma Square can be used as either a slide mute or disc mute, allowing the mute to create orchestral mezzo piano and pianissimo effects.

  • Mounts on strings two different ways.

  • Rattle and buzz free.

  • Fast action.

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