Custom String Instrument Laser Cut Framed Art

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Turn a photo of your viola (or violin, cello, or double bass) into a 3-layer framed piece of art. The inside of the frame will be roughly 5x9 inches, with a 3/4 inch frame on the outside.

Because of the size of my laser cutter I am not able to make larger pieces of art at this time. 

Photos should be taken in good (preferably natural) lighting without glare. Place your instrument on a solid background that is a good contrast from the color of your instrument for best results. Aim the camera as straight on as possible and watch out for shadows and reflections from light as those will become part of your art. Phone photos are just fine. 

Please allow two weeks for your art to be ready to ship.

If you don't want a custom piece of art, the pictured image of my viola is available as well. 



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