"I Love the Viola" Starter Kit

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For the violist who has always wanted to find their clef on something in the music store, we bring you the "I Love Viola" starter kit.

You get the viola and sheet music, we'll deck you out in alto clefs.

Includes one pair of socks, a pin, a charm with large clasp attached, and a super-violist sticker. 

  • The charm measures 1/2" tall and is made from nickel-free zinc alloy.

  • The pin measures 1" tall (25.4 mm) x .69" wide (17.55 mm). x 1.2 mm thick, and is made from stamped steel and plated with nickel-free iron.

  • The socks are a unisex small (one-size-fits-most) and are crew-style, low-calf socks. Unworn, the socks measure 7 inches from the heel to the cuff of the sock. They may sit lower than expected for men's socks, but are a standard height for women's socks.  Made of 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Spandex. (W's size 5 US up to M's size 10 US). 

  • The sticker is glossy and measures 4" across by 3.1" tall. It is weatherproof and waterproof with a scratch-proof layer that also protects against fading. 

Prefer the Tenor Clef version? Just call it the "I Love the Bassoon" or "I Love the Trombone" starter kit.



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