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Support the ViolaCentric podcast when you purchase and wear this shirt. Liz and Stephanie will receive a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of every ViolaCentric themed item, as well as a percentage of any other items you buy from www.altoclefgifts.com when you use the coupon code VIOLACENTRIC

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If you've listened to the podcast, you'll have heard Liz and Steph verbally explain that they were doing a "Full Body Nod" when something that a guest said resonated with them SO strongly that a basic head nod just didn't cut it. They found themselves nodding so emphatically that the whole body was involved! #fullbodynod is a feeling that they hope the podcast audience experiences when they listen to the conversations.

Check the size chart before ordering and compare the measurements to a shirt you own that fits you. These shirts may be shorter and wider than your standard t-shirt.

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Soft, comfy material, expertly pressed!

This shirt is so comfortable and fits really well - exactly as described! The press work is even and lovely. I highly recommend!



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