Alto Clef Cookie Cutter

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This 3D printed alto clef cookie cutter is ready for you to wow your friends at the next musical event that requires cookies, or just make some cookies for your viola section!

The cutter is 3 inches tall by 2 inches across. Color of cutter may vary. The current batch is purple. 

It also doubles as a tenor clef cutter, or generic c clef cutter. 

Much like playing the viola, using this cookie cutter requires a little extra energy as a couple of small pieces of dough need to be removed with a toothpick prior to baking the cookies, but the effort is worth the results. The top of the cookie cutter has been updated since the photo shoot with the cookie dough to allow for more surface area to press down on the dough. The photo of the cutter alone shows what you will receive.

Made from PLA plastic, this cookie cutter is not dishwasher safe and should be kept dry between uses. The dough blade is 1/3" deep to make transferring the dough to the cookie sheet easier. 



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